Uruguay enjoys a favourable business climate as a result of the factors mentioned previously (political stability, long period of sustained growth, economical security and freedom, etc.). Part of this favourable business climate is reflected in the opportunities available today to invest and work in cooperation with the Uruguayan government and local companies in the development of the country's infrastructure.
In this sense, it is important to highlight that Uruguay has projected the investment of more than 12,000 million dollars in infrastructure plans, which include projects covering road, rail, port, airport, energy infrastructure, waste disposal & treatment, telecom infrastructure, and social infrastructure works, all to be executed in the coming 5 years.

Regarding the ways in which the private sector can participate in the mentioned developments, it is important to bear in mind the fact that 4 years ago the Uruguayan parliament developed and approved the law for Public-Private Partnerships which the government is willing to use as a key initiative in the continuing growth of the country. For all the different sectors, the pipeline of future developments includes projects financed both by state/multilateral bank and by Public-Private Partnership.

The country has invested more than 3% of its GDP in the energy sector in the recent past. This tendency will continue as there is a strong emphasis by the government in making Uruguay an Energetic hub for the region.
The government has affirmed on several occasions that one of its priorities is for the country to be sustained by 100% renewable energy sources. Tax benefits are included for those participating in renewable energy projects.

Onshore and Offshore hydrocarbon exploration activities are being developed as Uruguay has found more resources and is willing to increase productivity.