About Uruguay

In the last few years, Uruguay has positioned itself as a trustworthy and attractive destination for foreign investors, by virtue of a favorable investment climate and promising macroeconomic performance.

Political and social stability – In South America, Uruguay ranks #1 in Democracy Index, Low Corruption Index, Global Peace Index, and Rule of Law Index. Also, has a democratic system with institutional and legal continuity that guarantees a favorable business climate and respect for the rules.

Economic prosperity – With an average economic growth of 5.4% between 2004 and 2014, consolidating a twelve-year-period of sustained development.

Foreign investment benefits – Uruguay offers significant benefits for foreign and domestic investment, these include tax benefits and “Free” zones that are exempt from local taxes. Free ports and Airports are examples of the free zones included in this regime. It has achieved efficient government processes, swift customs procedures and smooth international trade operations.

Location – Uruguay is Located in a commercial strategic point in South America with major ports and located between the two biggest economic powers in the region (Brazil and Argentina). Also, as Uruguay is part of Mercosur with headquarters in Montevideo, it has access to the most relevant and sizeable markets in the continent, making the country the gateway to a potential market of 400 million people.

IT Development - Uruguay is the Latin American country with highest internet penetration (UIT-2014) and download speed thanks to its modern optic fiber infrastructure.